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Lynnette Embree

After graduating college, Lynnette taught at Lord Fairfax Community College for 15 years and created Success For Life Coaching. Her passion is helping others find their true purpose in life and give them the tools to achieve that goal.



The Elimination Diet

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives,” wrote Annie Dillard.

How do you spend your days? Are you doing the things that you love to do or are you just going along each day thinking that life will be better in the future?

Recently, I was participating in a mastermind group and when I began listing all of the activities in which I was involved, my facilitator asked if I could do an elimination diet. What? What’s an elimination diet? An elimination diet is typically used for food allergies where all foods are eliminated and one-by-one a food is brought back into the fold to determine if that is the food to which the person is allergic.

What would an elimination diet look like for you? Personally, I have decided to limit the services I provide. I used to offer workshops (vision board workshops, assessment workshops, etc.) and do speaking engagements as part of my marketing strategy. I recorded podcasts. I work with a coaching company and some of their clients. I have been involved in various coaching communities and even civic organizations. What do I REALLY want to do?

At the beginning of the year, I did an exercise that had me dreaming. What did I want my life experience to look like? I started dreaming. My dream is to work a total of twenty hours per week. That twenty hours includes group coaching, mastermind group facilitation, marketing, networking, etc. It’s not twenty hours of coaching and then all of the other business-building activities.

Life is more than just working. I have a large collection of books. I want to read. I love to cross-stitch. Gardening is very relaxing for me and so is exercise. How would I fill the other 148 hours of my week?

It’s back to dreaming again. How many hours a day do I want to work? Are mornings or afternoons better for me? Where do I fit in exercise, reading and working in the yard? Family and friends are important, too. Where are they in my 168-hour week?

My question to you is how do you spend your days and is that how you want to spend them? If not, what will you eliminate from your schedule to do more of the things you enjoy?

Here’s to a healthier and happier life for all of us! Cheers!!

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Change Requires Courage

The quote by Mary Anne Radmacher “Change of any sort requires courage” rings so true.

Most people will say that they don’t like change. Yet, change happens every day of our lives. 

Courage is required if we want to change a daily habit or a situation we find ourselves in. 

The question in my mind is how do we gather courage? To me, courage is like a muscle. The more we are courageous, the more we will continue to be. 

For example, my father once told me that if I didn’t agree with something that was being said or done, I needed to voice my opinion, respectfully. He went on to say that there are probably others feeling the same way and are hesitant to say anything because they are afraid of being ridiculed or feel like a fool. 

I began to share my thoughts and feelings in little matters, those in which I didn’t necessarily agree and the outcome either way was okay. Little by little, my courage muscle grew. I began to share my thoughts with a wider community and sometimes the outcome did change because of my voice. 

When we are courageous, aren’t we also being our authentic selves? I, personally, would prefer others be authentic. It’s easy to notice when another person is not telling the truth or being who they really are. All of these things (telling the truth and being authentic) take courage. 

Recently, I did take the time to share my opinion about something with which I disagreed. I have also become more intentional about the foods I eat. What does voicing an opinion and changing eating habits have to do with each other? They both are about a change and that takes courage.  

Be courageous!